Greeting Green Project - workshops for greens
at ACTION! / NPO Children Meet Artists
green activities / workshop

workshops and open days 2006~

From august 2006 ( ~now ) I'm the supervisor and artist of the Greeting Green Project (Guriguri project ) / NPO Children meet Artists
which is the green lover community of mainly kids and their parents at an abandoned school yard
which used be far from fertile,just very hard and dried condition.
We started making the garden from nothing, we enlarged the land of the garden year on year,
we have been enjoying a variety of planting and art activities.

The green maps for this project in 2011 winter.

The image draft for the special workshop ~Let's collect pieces of sunlight ~Green Curtains with sparkle ornaments.
"Glitter things are efficient for avoiding plant louses" --- was the first idea for this workshop.
( Polka ) Dots were the main motif for the workshop as imagined "particle of light" of the sun.

The pollen workshop --- firstly tried to drink milk with pollen, then drew papers with punches imagined pollen.
The Idea for the workshop were occured in the season for pollination of pumpkins.

The workshop leaflet(book) for the workshops. I made it for every workshop.

The workshop "let's make paints from the soil from your neighbours" Children were comparing their soils which they brought for the events in this picture.

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