BankART Life II Landmark Project IV "Rooftop Paradise"
at BankART NYK Yokohama
exhibition & artist's talk show

weeds, herbs, seeds,soil, woods, barbed wire, etc.

the flyer for the artists' talk in the show. (click to enlarge this image)

The exhibition were projected by radical architects and artists and designers
to create a city on the top of the roof of BankART Studio NYK in Yokohama.
The basis roads as the city axis were designed by MIKAN. The other architects produce other structures.
Then I created green scenes to emphasise the interstice --- one is an empty plot, the other an allotment.

My image of this was an abandoned ground, so I planted wild grasses(some of them were local weeds) mostly because of growing independently by themslves.
No particular maintenance after planting were provided, keeping natural beauty in view of greens by my soil and microbe cordination.

During the show, the view of greens was changing gradually.

The allotment --- creating one scene, function and actions for this city. Growing vegetables and herbs were organic with companion planting.

Organic swiss chards, black mastards, leeks, strawberries, cabbeges, radishes etc --they were seasonal vegetables and herbs.
(Because I wanted to show the progress of growing, please regard this as one image. Thank you.)

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