Roppongi Art Night 2012 TOKYO MIDTOWN KIDS ART PROGRAM "Let's Create Big Phenix with 30,000 laundry pegs"
@ : Tokyo Mid town Atrium Tokyo
exhibition & workshop 2012

laundry pegs, etc.

Hukazawa Art Laboratory collected 30,000 pieces of landry pegs which were made in Japan, Korea, Chine, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, U.K., France, U.S.A.,etc.
We focused that they were so colourful, cute and easy to put together.

This was the project exhibition and workshop in Roppongi Art night 2012 in Tokyo.
The workshop space was a well-lighted stairwell, so I prepared gold mirror paper for the base.

When we have art workshops for children, we mainly attach importance on structure of installing and facilitating and suggesting words for kids.
I think "good facilitating in workshops for children" is also one of our feature that we should not miss to mention.

Kannai-gai OPEN! 4 "Yoshida-machi Creative"
WORKSHOP FOR KIDS "the time with 30,000 landry pegs Ver. Horizontal lines at Yoshida-machi st."
@ : Yoshida-machi St. Yokohama

exhibition & workshop 2012

This was the project exhibition and workshop in Kannai-gai OPEN! 4 2012 in Yokohama.
At that time, we had an opportunity to install on the street in Yoshida-machi, so we positively utilized the trees lining the street to make horizontal stream of line.

WORKSHOP FOR KIDS "the time with 30,000 landry pegs"
@ : "Shinminato-ku - Hammer Head Studio" Yokohama

workshop 2012

This was the workshop on the open day at the Hammer Head Studio that had belonged to us since last June.

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