Azamino Kids Gallery in Summer ! 2007
at Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino
exhibition & workshop 2007

weeds ( from Tama Riverbed )
laminate sheets
animation, etc.

Hukazawa Art Laboratory (the artists unit of Isamu Joseph Yamazoe and me) created the space of leaves which were taken from Tama Riverbed.
The animation was for introduction for this exhibition to enter the space.
Where children and parents(or people) were able to create their laminated cards with their leaves they brought from their neighborhood,
Then, the museum posted the cards after the exhibition closed.

The visitors experienced the atmosphere and space of leaves' shapes, lines, subtle colours, and even their energies.

The stamps were also customized for this exhibition.

The visitors left their cards and also they were exhibited during this exhibition.

My animation was the welcoming introduction for the show.

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