Park Exhibition - Contemporary artists in Asia 2008
at BankART Mini : BankART1929 Yokohama
Organised by HukazawaArt LaboratoryAmorfon
exhibition & workshop 2008

clovers, copy papers of plants, fluorescent lights, an illuminometer and
a black board

Hukazawa Art Laboratory organised the artists' initiative art group show at BankART studio NYK.
At that time, we invited several artists from Korea, Singapore, France and New Zealand.

At the beginning, there were the latest kind of clover at that time. We could find 4 leaves clovers relatively in them,
I could not remember clearly, though, i thought it was a new garden species of a big company's branding.
I wanted to create an art work of garden with these clovers of wonderful pattern leaves.

The exhibition space was the museum space inside BankART studio NYK where it was totally dark. So I tried to make a device to grow clovers inside the space.
The intensity for the leaves was important for their photosynthesis. I measured the necessary amounts of light by an illuminometer.
The clovers were growing lively in the term of the show for two weeks as much as the situation under the sun.

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